Lewis & Clark

Prince Maximilian & Karl Bodmer

Lewis & Clark — Prince Maximilian & Karl Bodmer

Summer 2018 Cultural Tour & Adventure • July 20-29 • From Great Falls to Missoula, MT
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This is the trip that never gets old. It will be Clay's 13th time up the Wendover Death March (which proves that anyone can do it). We'll spend three days on the White Cliffs section of the Missouri River, then a night in a wonderful historic hotel in Fort Benton, then four days on the Lolo Trail in the footsteps of Lewis & Clark on the most pristine portion of the entire national Lewis & Clark Trail. The “camping” is courtesy of our excellent outfitter (they set up your tent, feed you at tables with cloths and napkins, strike the camp, and provide excellent wine and beer). We hike, canoe, stroll, sing, tell stories, gaze at historic sites, sit around bonfires, and learn just the right amount about the most important exploration in American history.

Some people come year after year. This trip has changed lives, renewed relationships, initiated romances, and formed friendships that appear to be lasting for a lifetime. Clay Jenkinson is one of the nation’s leading Lewis & Clark experts. He is on the trip from beginning to end. Becky invariably tries to drown him on the “mighty and heretofore deemed endless Missouri River,” but his enthusiasm remains undaunted.

The majority of our guests are Jefferson Hour listeners, but everyone is welcome. This is the signature trip of Odyssey Tours with Clay Jenkinson. This is the one you certainly don’t want to miss.

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