• Explore hilltops and mountaintops (hikes optional)

  • Float (guided) down the Salmon River (options of oarboat, paddleboat, or kayak) 5 days camping in the wilderness

  • Straddle a source of the Missouri and Columbia Rivers

  • Travel by ten rivers play in four

  • Accomplish what Jeffy could not in his “Head & the Heart Letter”

  • Prepare Charbonneau’s recipe Boudin Blanc on the river with “two dips, and a flirt”

  • Enjoy fine dining along the Clearwater River with music & optional dancing

  • Campfires, storytelling, laughter and stars

  • He’s also been Nez Perce tribal liaison, forest fire fighter and a corporal in the US Marines, receiving an Honorable Discharge for duty in Okinawa, Japan.

  • Allen is a gifted tribal storyteller. He shares creation, coyote and Stoneface stories and legends about landmarks and travel. He is also a tribal historian and likes to recall stories about elders, Red Bear, Cut Nose, Timothy Wahitits, Red Moccasin Tops, and, of course, Chief Joseph. He discusses the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the 1877 Nez Perce War, and issues involving salmon and other natural resources.

  • Allen will be with you for the duration of your tour.


Nez Perce (Nimiipuu)

Allen will be Odyssey Tours lead humanities scholar for the duration of your tour.

Tribal historian and storyteller, Allen Pinkham, is Nez Perce (Nimiipuu) and great great grandnephew of Chief Joseph. His Mother, Annett Black Eagle, is a descendent of the Red Grizzly Bear Band. His Father, Alex Pinkham, is a descendent of Alpowa (Chief Timothy) Band. Originally the tribe was geographically located on 13 million acres of land in N. Central Idaho, NE Oregon and SE Washington. Today, the tribe is on 750,000 acres of land in N. Central Idaho, just west of the heart of the Rockies and the Bitterroot Mountains.

  • Allen’s accomplishments and memberships include: Board of Trustees and Secretary, National Museum of the American Indian at Smithsonian Institution; National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial; Idaho Governors Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Committee; founding Chairman, Chief Joseph Foundation; Vice-Chairman, Nez Perce Tribal Health Board; Chairman, Cultural Committee of the Wisdom Keepers; board member of Morning Star Foundation; presenter/speaker at Executive Leadership of Political and Social Forces in Natural Resources Management; storyteller/presenter at American Indian Basket Makers Gathering; presenter/lecturer, “Horses and the Nez Perce”, at the Heard Museum and New Mexico State University.

  • Allen, co-authored with Dan Landeen, SALMON AND HIS PEOPLE (1999) and co-authored with Steve R. Evans, LEWIS AND CLARK AMONG THE NEZ PERCE Strangers in the land of the Nimiipuu (2013) .

  • Allen has given lectures and other presentations at public forums and symposiums at Smithsonian Institution, and many cities across the nation. Internationally Allen has spoken in Canada, France, and Japan. Allen is featured Wisdom of the Elders Radio Series.

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