Jefferson’s mission for Lewis & Clark was to find a water route to the Pacific. Following in their foot-steps through Montana and Idaho, you wil travel past 9 scenic rivers and get to play in four of them. Sacajawea’s (Sacagawea’s) indigenous family, the Lemhi-Shoshone are as generous and friendly as they were in 1805. Enjoy an evening with Sacajawea’s people, as you break bread together, partake in a ceremonial hike, enjoy a musical presentation and listen as they share their oral history on an open prairie. The evening will be lead by Roseanne Abrahamson, a descendant of Camehwait (Sacajawea’s brother), the chief whom Lewis exchanged his clothing with. Acclaimed Nez Perce Allen Pinkham is an author and gentleman-scholar, a descendant of Red Bear (Red Bear is also noted in the L&C journals,) will spend your week with you sharing oral Nez Perce history handed down to him by his ancestors. He will introduce you to priceless family heirlooms and storytelling enroute, tell the Nez Perce side to Fort Fizzle, and the Whitebird War of 1877 battle site, and share his emense knowledge from another time in history. If you love history and the outdoors - This is the vacation you do not want to miss!



  • 6 days floating, 5 nts camping in the largest nationally protected Wilderness Area” in the lower 48 - and the longest free-flowing river in one state. A family river with large white beaches and deep pools. “The River of No Return” in Idaho

  • 2 days exploring Lewis & Clark sites in Montana prior

  • 2 days exploring Lewis & Clark sites in Idaho afterward

  • Nez Perce Native American historical interpretation and storytelling by Nationally aclaimed Nez Perce gentleman scholar Allen Pinkham (the Nez Perce where noted as one of the most friendly of the tribes L&C encountered. They were instrumential in the success of L&C survival and reaching the Pacific. You will visit several L&C and Nez Perce sites and learn about the meeting of these two cultures with oral history handed down to Allen.

  • Lemhi-Shoshone Native American historical interpretation, a musicical presentation, an activity with our hosts, and a traditional meal prepared by our Lemhi-Shoshone friends. The Lemi-Shoshone were also instrumental in outfitting L&C with horses to traverse Lost Trail Pass and the Bitterroot Mountains - extreme barriers to reaching the Pacific Ocean. You will meet and learn from a descendant of Chief Camehwait (Sacajawea’s brother) Roseanne Abrahamson - she knows seven languages. She has a convincing argument why her aunt’s name is pronounced “Sacajawea” not “Sacagawea.” And you will meet a descendant of Chief Tendoy who will pay a few traditional Lemhi-Shoshone songs for you this evening under the galaxy of stars in Idaho.

“A trip of a life-time - There are only 22 seats to fill, please don’t delay!” Wait-listing avail. $3795 all-inclusive (see top of page)