Q: Where do we get connected with travel insurance?

A: We are not connected with any Travel Insurance Company. Some people prefer purchasing Travel Insurance, others do not. It depends on your own situation. We recommend it in the unlikely event you need to cancel your tour reservation with us. Our refund policy can be found in our Terms and Conditions. Once your deposit has become non-refundable and you need to cancel, we will allow it to be exchanged to another traveler, or you can use it towards another Odyssey Tour in the future. The best way to find a Travel Insurance Company that meets your needs is by asking the question directly in your internet broswer where you can then call and ask your chosen company your questions directly. We have had a few have to cancel unexpectedly. They used Travelguard with success. Once again we do not guarantee their or another’s service. We only provide you a name for your convenience. Your local travel agency also may have brochures of several Travel Insurance companies.

Q:For the Lewis &Clark, river of no return summer tour- it begins in Bozeman, MonTana but ends in missoula, MT. How does that logistically work for us?

A: IF YOU ARE FLYING it is easy: You fly into Bozeman Montana and fly out of Missoula, Montana. Your ticket will price like a round trip ticket. Alaska, Delta, and United Airlines service the both airports. Your Bozeman hotel provides complimentary airport transportation to their hotel, where your orientation meeting and tour begins. IF YOU ARE DRIVING: You can drive to Missoula, Montana and leave your car at our “group-discounted” hotel with no additional charge. At the end of your tour, we will bring you back to your car. You will need to pay for your one night stay in Missoula the night before you take our shuttle to get you to the beginning of your tour. There is a minimal fee ($100 pp) to get you to Bozeman in time for your Orientation Meeting which begins at 4:00 pm. You should arrive your hotel around 12:00 pm with adjacent restaurants next door and wonderful museums to visit.

Q: how do we get the best price on Odyssey tours? on the airlines?

A: Easy again. By reserving early with the airlines and with us. Airline ticket prices go up as their flight fills up. RESERVE EARLY. We provide you a no-risk deposit if you reserve early with us: Your deposit is refundable up to 180 days prior to the launch of your Odyssey Tour. If you purchase your ticket 180 days before the launch of your tour - you will receive our “early-bird” discount of $100 per person. Our way of saying “Thank you for reserving early!”

Q:What should we pack?

A: We will send you our suggested packing list after we receive your final payment in our office, about 120 days before the launch of your tour. If you would like to receive it earlier - just ask us.

- Please feel free to call us with any questions you have - at any time. We are available and ready to assist you.

- Thank you for booking an Odyssey Tours vacation. We hope to exceed your expectations!