What ever you want to call it: “river time,” “mountain time,” “down time,” everyone can use “some time” in nature!

Heraclitus c. 535 BC – 475 BC , once said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” He was right!

Join us this summer for an Odyssey Tour. HERE are a few of the fun adventures and activities we have in store for you. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with a unique tour, one that will change your world, or in the least, you can’t wait to write home about it! Check what others have said by reading a few testimonials.


Two days following L&C in MT:

  • -Explore the Three Forks of the Missouri River.

  • -Sit by the Jefferson River at sunset, listening to John Colter relive his escape from the Blackfeet in 1810.

  • -You’ll be in the same landscape, where during a raid, Sacajawea was taken from her family and delivered to North Dakota.

  • -As the moon rises, Allen Pinkham will recite the Nez Perce Creation story. You will visit its birthmark, “The Heart of the Monster” on the last full day of your tour.

Day 2 takes you to Fortunate Camp, and the Great Divide:

  • -Hear the ta-ba-bone story, be on location where Lewis exchanged clothes with Chief Camehwait, and gave him his rifle. McNeal and Drewyer soon followed suit with the other Shoshone.

  • -Straddle a source of the Missouri, then straddle a source of the Columbia. If you want knit them together in your belly like Lewis.

  • -Have fun with Jefferson’s Head and Heart Letter.”

  • -Enjoy an evening with the Lemhi Shoshone, led by Rose Ann Abrahamson. You’ll enjoy the hospitality of the Lemhi Shoshone as you walk their trails, enjoy a traditional choke cherry and buffalo dinner, listen to their stories, and enjoy their music under the stars of an Idaho summer night.



unplug, relax, unwind
with some fun adventure

Float, glide, and stroll, laugh, read, and relax, explore and discover in the land of the Lemhi Shoshone and the Nez Perce. Your excuse is The Lewis & Clark Expedition. Our excuse is we like to share FUN!

Mid-tour, 5 1/2 days floating
in paradise, down the River of No Return Wilderness:

  • Visit the towers Lewis & Clark saw before you embark on your river adventure.

  • Raft with an oarsman guide, or paddle in a paddleboat with teammates and your river guide, or kayak in your own vessel.

  • Float past homesteads of famous Idaho pioneers, some still active. [see IDAHO Backcountry Salmon River Pioneers]

  • Mid-day debark your river trip where the road ends and the backcountry begins near Riggins, Idaho

Two days following L&C in ID:

  • Visit the battlesite that launched the War of 1877, with Allen Pinkham.

  • Enjoy dinner and music along the banks of the Clearwater River and optional dancing

  • Visit Canoe Camp where the Corps built their last canoes to take them to the Pacific.

  • Visit Long Camp where the Corps spent nearly a month with the Nez Perce.

  • Travel along the base of the majestic Bitterroot Mountains and the scenic rivers of the Clearwwater and Lochsa Rivers.

  • Play in the Lochsa before enjoying your farewell dinner party and say goodbye to new friends.


Join the fun:

Step into beautiful landscapes, hear about the history, enjoy fun adventure, as you peer into a different world - of not so long ago.