REFRESH, RELAX and UNPLUG on a peaceful holiday as we take you into some of the most remote and strikingly beautiful terrains Montana and Idaho have to offer. Explore the 1805-06 Lewis & Clark Expedition through the lens of the Nez Perce and Lemhi Shoshone people, whose friendliness and resourcefulness was instrumental in the success of the white strangers’ mission through these areas. You’ll read segments of the Lewis & Clark Journals on location and hear oral history from a relative of Chief Joseph and descendants of Red Grizzly Bear (Nez Perce) and Sacajawea, and Chief Camehwait, and Chief Tendoy (Lemhi Shoshone). Come join the fun this summer, as Odyssey Tours enters its 20th year taking you on a unique vacation that will change your world.


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  • 5 1/2 days floating, 5 nts camping in the largest nationally protected Wilderness Area” in the lower 48 states, and the second deepest river canyon in North America. A beautiful free-flowing river, the Main Salmon River in Idaho is known for its large white sand beaches, deep river canyons and deep swimming pools.
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  • Float past history and stop in for a visit at active off -the-grid homesteads along the Salmon (River of No Return). Learn about the characters of the past that lived off the land in the Salmon River backcountry of Idaho.
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  • 2 days exploring Lewis & Clark sites in Montana

  • 2 days exploring Lewis & Clark sites in Idaho
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  • Nez Perce Native American historical interpretation and storytelling by Nationally acclaimed Nez Perce gentleman scholar Allen Pinkham The Nez Perce where noted as one of the most friendly of the tribes L&C encountered. They were instrumential in the success of Corps of Discovery’s survival and facilitated numerous times their reaching their goals to reach the Pacific and return home. You will visit several L&C and Nez Perce sites and learn about the meeting of these two cultures with oral history handed down to Allen.
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  • Spend an evening with Sacajawea’s people the Lemhi-Shoshone. Enjoy a traditional meal, music, and hear stories handed down through the ages by relatives of Sacajawea. The Lemi-Shoshone were instrumental in outfitting L&C with horses to traverse Lost Trail Pass and the Bitterroot Mountains - extreme barriers to reaching the Pacific Ocean. You will meet and learn from Rose Ann Abrahamson, a descendant of Chief Camehwait (Sacajawea’s brother), and Chief Tendoy. Rose Anne speaks fluently in the Lemhi Shoshone and Bannock languages. She has a convincing argument why her aunt’s name is pronounced “Sacajawea” not “Sacagawea.” You can relax under a galaxy of stars in a peaceful setting of Idaho before your river adventure starts in the morning.
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