• Explore hilltops and mountaintops (hikes optional)

  • Float (guided) down the Salmon River (options of oarboat, paddleboat, or kayak) 5 days camping in the wilderness

  • Straddle a source of the Missouri and Columbia Rivers

  • Travel by ten rivers play in four

  • Accomplish what Jeffy could not in his “Head & the Heart Letter”

  • Prepare Charbonneau’s recipe Boudin Blanc on the river with “two dips, and a flirt”

  • Enjoy fine dining along the Clearwater River with music & optional dancing

  • Campfires, storytelling, laughter and stars

Rose Ann Abrahamson.JPG
  • Everyone who has ever experienced the sheer joy of learning from one great teacher knows the difference the right words, knowledge and passion can intrigue. This summer’s Lewis & Clark Tour brings you two such amazing educators. You will meet two extrordinary humanities scholars, Allen Pinkham and Rose Ann Abrahamson. Educators of two of the most prominent and instrumental Native American nations noted in the Lewis & Clark Journals. The Lemi-Shoshone were instrumental in outfitting Lewis & Clark with horses to traverse Lost Trail Pass and the Bitterroot Mountains - extreme barriers to reaching the Pacific Ocean. Without their help and friendship the Lewis & Clark Expedition surely would have meet a different fate than their successful journey we commemorate today.


Lemhi Shoshone

Enjoy an evening with Rose Ann and the hospitality of the Lemhi Shoshone people in the land of Sacajawea’s youth. There will be music, laughter, a shared traditional meal and history told in the land and center that honors her name.

Rose Ann Abrahamson ~ Respected tribal stateswoman of the Lemhi-Shoshone nation (Sacajawea’s people). Rose Ann is a great great grand neice of Sacajawea, and a great, great, grand daughter of two chiefs: Chief Camehwait (Sacajawea’s brother), and Chief Tendoy. You will travel through the small Idaho town named Tendoy.

  • Meet Rose Ann Abrahamson a descendant of two chiefs and great great grand-neice to our nation’s most beloved heroine - Sacajawea. On your tour you will travel through the land Rose Ann’s family met with “the expedition.” Rose Ann is eager to share their oral history that was handed down through the ages.

  • Rose Anne speaks in the Lemhi Shoshone and Bannock languages. She has a convincing argument why her aunt’s name is pronounced “Sacajawea” not “Sacagawea.” And you will meet another descendant of Sacajawea’s people who will play traditional songs for you in the evening, and you will dance under the galaxy of stars in Idaho.

Join the fun:

Step into beautiful landscapes, hear about the history, enjoy fun adventure, as you peer into a different world - of not so long ago.