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10days 9 nights Montana and idaho -aLL INCLUSIVE EXCEPT YOUR AIRFARE
4 NTS LODGING 5 nts camping,
July 8-17,2019

Lewis & Clark, And the river of no return



REFRESH, RELAX and UNPLUG on a peaceful holiday as we take you into some of the most remote and strikingly beautiful terrains Montana and Idaho have to offer. Explore the 1805-06 Lewis & Clark Expedition through the lens of the Nez Perce and Lemhi Shoshone people, whose friendliness and resourcefulness was instrumental in the success of the white strangers’ mission through these areas. You’ll read segments of the explorers journals on location and hear oral history from two tribal nations handed-down through the ages, orally to them originating from family members mentioned in the journals. Come join our fun as Odyssey enters its 20th year taking vacationers on the Lewis & Clark Trail.



  • 5 1/2 days floating, 5 nts camping in the largest nationally protected Wilderness Area” in the lower 48 - and the longest free-flowing river in one state. A family river with large white beaches and deep pools. “The River of No Return” in Idaho

  • 2 days exploring Lewis & Clark sites in Montana prior

  • 2 days exploring Lewis & Clark sites in Idaho afterward

  • Nez Perce Native American historical interpretation and storytelling by Nationally acclaimed Nez Perce gentleman scholar Allen Pinkham The Nez Perce where noted as one of the most friendly of the tribes L&C encountered. They were instrumential in the success of L&C survival and reaching the Pacific. You will visit several L&C and Nez Perce sites and learn about the meeting of these two cultures with oral history handed down to Allen.

  • Lemhi-Shoshone Native American historical interpretation, a musicical presentation, an activity with our hosts, and a traditional meal prepared by our Lemhi-Shoshone friends. The Lemi-Shoshone were also instrumental in outfitting L&C with horses to traverse Lost Trail Pass and the Bitterroot Mountains - extreme barriers to reaching the Pacific Ocean. You will meet and learn from Rose Ann Abrahamson, a descendant of Chief Camehwait (Sacajawea’s brother), and Chief Tendoy. Rose Anne speaks in the Lemhi Shoshone and Bannock languages. She has a convincing argument why her aunt’s name is pronounced “Sacajawea” not “Sacagawea.” And you will meet another descendant of Sacajawea’s people who will play traditional songs for you in the evening, and you will dance under the galaxy of stars in Idaho.

A trip of a life-time - There are only 22 seats to fill, please don’t delay! JULY 8-17 2019 $3495 all-inclusive, includes all taxes and USFS fees. Daily itinerary will be posted Feb 06, 2019




Your Odyssey Tour packages are ALL-INCLUSIVE except for your airfare. ALL TOUR PACKAGES INCLUDE: a professional tour director, historical interpretation by nationally acclaimed Lewis & Clark and Native American scholars, guide services by a license and bonded Montana and Idaho outfitter, all recreational equipment necessary for your chosen adventure (except sleeping bags), all recreational activities, entertainment, lodging, meals, transportation, museum fees, journals, gifts, hotel baggage storage and handling, hotel and restaurant gratuities, state and local taxes, BLM permits and USFS. Your airfare is not included. A $400 refundable deposit will secure your reservation. It will automatically become non-refundable 180 days prior to the launch of your tour.

You must be in GOOD physical condition to partake. If you have a medical condition you should check with your medical physican to get approval to attend.

WITH LIMITED SEATS, AND SMALL GROUP SIZES, OUR TOURS TEND TO FILL EARLY. Please do not hesitate to make your deposit as soon as you know. Waitlisting is available as cancelations can occur.


10 Days 9 Nights- all inclusive except airfare

Lewis & Clark, Prince Maximilian
summer tour



May 31, 1805, after days of traveling through the Missouri River Breaks, a terrain rugged and broken, the Corps of Discovery entered into the White Cliffs of the Missouri River. That evening Meriwther Lewis rhapsodized pages of their encounter, which includes the now famous passage, “it seemed as if those seens of visionary inchantment would never have an end.” A German Prince, Prince Friedrich August Maximilian Wilhelm Carl of Liechtenstein (known to most as Carl) and his Swiss artist Karl Bodmer followed in the wake of Lewis and Clark 28 years later. Carl and Karl went on to produce invaluable accounts of the native people and the landscapes of the region you will travel through. You will actually camp and canoe in one of Karl Bodmer’s famous paintings, tab 41 View of the Stone Walls. The second half of your tour takes you into the Bitterroot Mountains in Idaho. Unquestionably the toughest section of their journey, and with the remote, quiet, refreshingly fresh air and the comforts of the twenty-first century to lean on you may argue intoxicatingly beautiful. Our unique, Classic Tour: people return again, and again for this amazingly fun tour: full of adventure, full of variety, full of history, full of intrigue . Please join us! Please return again, and again, soon! Always a new adventure!



  • 2.5 days canoeing, swimming and bobbing down the White Cliffs section of the Missouir River.

  • Hiking into the playground of the white sand formations along the Missouri River at The Hole in the Wall and Slot Canyon.

  • Camping in the famous campsites of L&C, Prince Maximilian & Karl Bodmer, and the intrepid fur trappers that followed their paths.

  • 2.5 days hiking and traveling by van to Nez Perce and L&C sites on the Lolo Trail in Idaho’s Bitterroot Mountains of the Clearwater National Forest

  • An evening visit by Captain Meriwether Lewis

  • Historical interpretation by an acclaimed Lewis & Clark scholar at Lewis & Clark sites along the Missouri River in Montana and in the Bitterroot Mountains of Idaho

  • Lodging at the elegant and most historical hotel in Montana - the Grand Union Hotel. This was the end of navigation for steamboats in the 1800s, hence one of the first thriving cities in Montana. It is an amazing hotel with a winding staircase and an elegant sit-up-to bar. Today enjoy the much smaller, quaint village, now a farming community, of Fort Benton situated along the Missouri River.

  • A musical presentation by our favorite local musicians on the veranda at the Grand Union Hotel.

  • Lodging at our most favorite lodge in the American west - Lochsa Lodge. Situated along the Lochsa River at the base of the Bitterroot Mountain chain. Our favorite past-time is to put our chairs in a circle floating beverages to one another and serving up stories with loads of laughter.

  • The largest highlight for most is the accomplishment of finishing the uphill Wendover Death March (named by a comedian participant.) A 3000 ft climb up to your campsite. There is an alternative tour day planned for those who don’t want to shake hands with the challenge. It is just as amazing with visits to a fishing weir, a USFS lookout tower, and a picnic at a 1806 L&C site 13 mile camp the hikers won’t see.

  • Nez Perce and L&C sites you will van or hike to (several with “on-top-of-the-world silence and views: Bear Oils & Roots, Indian Post Office, Lonesome Cove, Indian Grave, The Sinque Hole, The Smoking Place, and Spirit Revival

  • A 9 mile hike down or van ride down and a beautiful sandy beached Lochsa River, and refreshing beverages to dive into before returning to Lochsa Lodge

  • And huckleberries. You can eat endless huckleberries hiking up, hiking down, and hiking all around. And if that is not enough of this amazing berry- you can order “huckleberry everything at Lochsa Lodge if it is not on the menu - they will surely oblige you!

Our Classic Tour! Don’t hesitate! This trip always fills! There are only 30 seats to fill! No risk, refundable deposit until January 1st the year of your tour! Wait- listing avail. $3495 all-inclusive, including taxes.